Harlem Focus Docs

Harlem is a stage. Its residents are the stars.


Season 2

The Grooming Doctor

Timothy Polo Greene, the Harlem native barber, states that a good haircut helps establish part of our personality. As he takes care of his customers, Mr. Greene shares his journey to become a master barber. He shares insight from being a master barber for more then twenty­-five years, that the barbershop is more than just a grooming gallery, but a type of social club within the Harlem community.


The Call of the Drum

Aurthur Toombs is a drummer who has a passion for djembe drums. As a hobby, he plays the drum on the streets of Harlem mostly everyday after work with his friends. To show his passion, Aurthur Toombs spreads the culture to have it continue in the future by teaching kids and performing his drumming talents at events.

Harlem Hustle


Chase Reed has a love affair with sneakers. And it is this love affair that propelled him to open Sneaker Pawn, a pawn shop dedicated solely to sneakers in Harlem. The 17 year old entrepreneur manages the store with the help of his father Troy Reed. As he inspects the sneakers and runs the shop, Chase gives us insight into his desire to make his family proud of him and the crazy costumer scenarios that come up with owning a pawn shop.

Eric Washington


Eric K. Washington, the Harlem native and historian, offers walking tours in Harlem. As he guides students, locals, and tourists through Harlem’s streets, he shares his wisdom that neighborhoods are organic, constantly evolving and leaving behind rich secrets of history.

21st Century Colonist

After living in Texas and Florida, Devante Lewis returns to a Harlem he doesn’t know. As Devante notices the changes in his neighborhood because of gentrification, he is seen as part of the probelm because of the way he now dresses and talks. Even though he is now seen as an outsider that the community can move past the gentrification and become more of a melting pot.

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